Duty Free
3 channel HD video, animation, color, sound, 9' x 6' and 13' x 10, 30:00 
Ultrasonic disks, fans, plastic buckets, herbal infusion made with Sun Song of Poppy, Plantain, Gingko, Mugwort, Siniuichi
Paul Soto at Karen Huber Gallery for Condo Mexico City

An associative history of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume Opium.
Considering the etymology of Orientation from The Orient. 
Considering Orientalism as a discourse where knowledge is used as a form of domination.
Considering bodily resistance through perspective, sense and improvisation.
After East Asian Landscape painting and the motif of mist as a point of transformation, industrial humidifiers circulate an infusion of plants related to memory, migration: time.
A live essay changes with each performance and site.
Infinite vanishing points against the carceral gaze of linear perspective.
A malfunction on Google Earth locates Palestine at the bottom of the ocean, a psychic interviews a field of Poppies and a score for a hologram is spoken by the first female Butoh dancer, Hiroko Tamano. 



Duty Free Performance Notes
Published in I can call this progress to halt ed. by Suzy Halajian

Commissioned by Kristan Kennedy for Portland Institute of Contemporary Art performed at TBA16 in Make-up on Empty Space, Protuberances at LAXART curated by Jess Arndt and Catherine Taft, Seattle Art Fair Special Projects: Union Station curated by Laura Freid and at Paul Soto for Condo Mexico City


Duty Free
Live video essay
Performance, HD video, animation, color, sound
Projected onto 6.75' x 18' fabric and paper