The Book of Fixed Stars. cryotype
2 channel infrared HD video on holographic plexiglass, color, sound

28:00 looped
Parkview / Paul Soto

Sgr A* ☳
Inherited wood chair, fire, beeswax
34 x 19 x 27 inches 

time in a lanyard of skins
it was an orange day the stripes sliced in sky
a crescent sun with double eyes
The brain was thought only to be the origin of mucus, so it was reduced to liquid, 
removed with metal hooks, and discarded.*
the beginning of the end of the beginning and the end
like a lollipop should be licked
oracular, a whole to another possibility 
that might just be right here**
In the case of a black hole, the insight was that the informational content of all the objects that have fallen into the hole might be entirely contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon.***
we met once the summer after not living there anymore
the book includes 2 views for each constellation
1 from below and 1 from above
when we met again the question of how to feng shui a memory palace
she didn't know if this was later heaven or early heaven
maybe there could be a middle
the glitch wound then to here
Shattering. It is what we do.****



* Budge, Edward Wallis, 2010. The Mummy; a Handbook of Egyptian Funerary Archaeology

** Perta, Litia, what about “oracular”???, email, 9/4/19

**** Ahmed, Sara, feministkilljoys, Queer Fatalism,1/13/17. 
*****Feng Shui by Brooke Intrachat
******With thanks to Brahmashakti Fudail, Yunuen Rhi and the 10,000 spirits