The net the accidents collect
Video program at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

17 April 2016

Basma Alsharif, Story of Milk and Honey, 2011
Martine Syms, Notes On Gesture, 2015
Sarah Abu Abdallah, The Salad Zone, 2013
Fannie Sosa, Cosmic Ass, 2015
Lisa Tan, Waves, 2014 –15
Hannah Black, All My Love, All My Love, 2015

curated for A new job to unwork at
a research platform organized by Clara Lopez Menendez and Andrew Kachel, with Rafa Esparza, Shoghig Halajian, Lee Relvas, Patrick Staff, and lexi welch.


tape up the windows
cut your mother’s maiden name into a borrowed car
in a dark room record the arrival
leaked through a podium a desk a jet a proper shoe 
lie down to get in the glitch of it
the parts i make up she won’t tell me
weaving the net the accidents collect
spread into the conveyor of wet time
get in to get out
what i want
you can't have